book: “Orchid Beach” by Stuart Woods

November 26, 2010

All the Stuart Woods novels I’ve read so far have been the ones involving the ‘Stone Barrington’ character.  In a couple of these stories he has been joined by the Chief of Police from the town of Orchid Beach, Florida – Holly Barker.  This is the first novel in which Holy Barker is the main character.

It opens with Holy Barker leaving the military after 20 years of service, mostly as an MP.  She takes up the offer of a job from a friend of her father who is Chief of Police, works out her notice then heads for Florida.  However, the night she arrives to take up the post the Chief of Police is murdered.  As she settles into the new job she has this murder to deal with and some information from the dead Chief that he didn’t trust someone in his own department – but Holy doesn’t know who.  As the story unfolds there is a private ‘gated community’ which Holy discovers wont even permit access to the Police force.

Another easy, page turner that keeps you intrigued about what is going on enough without having to actually think too hard.