Books: Stuart Woods “Two Dollar Bill”

November 21, 2010

Another quick action thriller by Stuart Woods in his ‘Stone Barrington’ series.

These books are straight forward pulp page turning action with familiar characters, interesting settings, clever twists and turns and with incredibly well written pace.  Each short chapter leads you straight into the next, often with a surprise in the last line or two just to hook you on to the next page.

In this story Stone meets ‘Billy Bob Barnstormer’ (who becomes known as Two Dollar Bill due to his repeated tipping from a large roll of two dollar notes).  At first we think Billy Bob is a client of Stone – who is a lawyer some of the time – but it soon turns out that he goes by many aliases and is wanted by the FBI, CIA, NYPD and probably a few more agencies if they only knew who he is.  As far as Stone is concerned he is just a slight inconvenience until he leaves a murdered prostitute in Stone’s guest room.

As ever, a good little read!