movie: RED

Went to see ‘Red’ tonight with Gordon…

It’s been out for a while so the place wasn’t too crowded even being a Friday night (we did have to park miles away, but you can’t have everything).

Red is the everyday story of some retired people trying to adjust to life after work.  However as they are retired from CIA black-ops or ‘wet-work’ retired life is a little boring.  Apart from being bored suddenly people start trying to kill them off.

Following that the plot is good, with interesting twists and turns but I wont go too much into the plot.  The movie is much more about the characters and the comic action involved.  Much of the action is ‘comic book’ style i.e. impossible physics and improbably shooting (have a look at this clip – my favorite action scene from this film!!)

Bruce Willis is in his element, Morgan Freeman also looks the part of an older action hero and John Malkovich is fantastic as a psychotic, conspiracy obsessed, lunatic who’s mind was experimented on.  However the genius casting was of Helen Mirren as a retired assassin who still carries out the odd contract just to keep her hand in – she just about steals every scene.

While it isn’t ground breaking, or Oscar winning, but it is a very funny movie, great action and good plot – love it.

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