Books: Lee Child “Worth Dying For”

October 8, 2010

Possibly the best Jack Reacher novel yet?!  I’m a big fan of Lee Child‘s series and this latest book just released lives up to standard.  There was (n my opinion) a bit of a dip, but with the last book “61 Hours” and this one he is right back on form and writing at the top of his game.

The climax of “61 Hours” was truly breath taking and left you unsure of Reacher’s survival and the book closed with the phrase “to be continued”.  So I really was looking forward to this book.

At first I was a little disapointed that this climax from the previous book wasn’t addressed at first – I was still asking how he could possibly have survived the climax of “61 Hours“.  This question is eventually resolved, but no big deal is made of it which means that it really wasn’t necessary to link the two stories as closely as appeared to be the case.

In this story, again we find Jack Reacher dropped into a situation on his own and helping the innocent fight against some kind of injustice – sounds formulaic, but it really isn’t.  The brilliance in Lee Child‘s writing is the detail, twists and turns that keep you guessing and the sheer momentum that keeps driving things forward.

In “Worth Dying For” a major feature (that I don’t remember from previous novels) is that as the story unfolds from different character’s point of view the assumptions that they each read into the same information plays a major role.  Other than that I’m not going to get into the plot – it is great, keeps you guessing and unsure of what Jack will do next.

I’ve you haven’t read a Jack Reacher novel – get on with it!