on being engaged…

September 8, 2010

Engagment RingAs many people already know, on 23rd July I asked Danar to marry me and we became engaged.  Time sort of speed up from then on and it seems like we have been doing nothing but making plans – which has been great.

We have booked all the key places and people in order to set the date – 12 February 2011 and perhaps more importantly started a new blog here – grahamanddanar.wordpress.com

I have to admit this is a totally “smug-couple” blog all about us and at the moment about the wedding but hey you only get married once.  The practical reason for the blog is hopefully to put all the information guests might need in one place that we can update as necessary.  It’s also a useful place for both of us to keep our to-do lists and keep track of things to be done.

What I have never considered before becoming engaged and to be honest has blown both of us away is the wonderful reaction we have received from everyone we know.  Obviously we expected close friends and family to be pleased but the excitement and emotional reaction we saw from people was just fantastic and even now coming up to a month later there are still lots of people saying congratulations to us when they find out, even those who don’t know us so well.

Last week we had an engagement party for a select few (limited by how many people can fit in my flat so sorry if you weren’t invited!!) which was great fun.  None of my photos came out so if anyone has any please let me know.  I think we had around 7 bottles of Champagne (or equivalent fizzy wine) and it was really great to just have friends around to celebrate this commitment we have made to each other.  Thanks to all those who have congratulated us both – it has made a very special time of our lives even more memorable.