books: Flesh House by Stuart MacBride

August 12, 2010

In contrast to the previous review I finished reading this a few months ago but forgot to review it (actually I just found it lying on the floor beside my bed and realised my mistake.  Even after that time gap I can remember much of the plot of this book, how the police were led up a few blind alleys and who the murderer eventually turned out to be.

I’ve read a few of Stuart MacBride’s books now, all fairly brutal murder mysteries set in modern day Aberdeen and following Police procedure and culture very well.  What I would warn potential readers about this book is that the subject matter, i.e. the nature of the murders is particularly graphic – perhaps why it stuck with me so much.

Nevertheless, a good, exciting and stimulating read.

book: Hold tight by Harlan Coben

August 12, 2010

Just a quick review.  Read it, it was OK but only really started to come together in the last third.  Felt like two completely different stories were going on with too many characters to remember or care about.  It was alright, but I finished it yesterday and already can’t remember how it ended.