book: Alex Gray “A Small Weeping”

This is the second Alex Gray murder mystery set in Glasgow following the investigations of DCI Lorimer aided by criminal profiler Dr Brightman.

This is a fairly by-the-numbers plot with no great surprises but still a good read.  The strength of this book however is the descriptions of the areas where the action takes place.  Obviously living in Glasgow I can connect to the settings used but I do think that even someone unfamiliar with the city would enjoy these sections of the book.

I particularly enjoyed that the plot led the two main characters on a visit to Harris and Lewis, again visiting places I was familiar with and it was interesting to hear about it through the characters eyes who had never been to these islands before.

However, when it comes to the crunch this is only a run of the mill book, fairly interesting characters, nothing special about the mystery or investigation which plods along to it’s (for me) obvious conclusion, with a little sub plot about the DCI’s home life which doesn’t really go anywhere.

I will read at least one more Alex Gray novel (because I’ve already bought it) but I do hope they get better.

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