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June 28, 2010

case study: Michael Trotter gig 26 June 2010

food: Hillhead Bookclub

June 28, 2010

{hb} hillhead bookclub

“One of the best bars and restaurants in Glasgows stylish west end. Whether it’s quality pub grub, cheap cocktails or a pub quiz night, this is the place to be.” as it modestly claims on its own web site.

Popped in hear on Saturday afternoon for some lunch when we noticed that it had changed-hands or re-branded (again).  This is the old Savoy … a restaurant for some years but I do remember going here to the cinema when I was a student.

The place is much nicer than I remember for whenever I’ve been in before.  It still has tables on various levels inside and there are still some nice original features from the cinema especially in the roof.  There are a couple of caged in play rooms in the balcony which I’m sure are used not just for kids during the day but I would have a go at the playstations and table tennis on a night out.  But, what about the food?

There are a few different menus on the board outside, I think, called ‘brunch‘, ‘lunch‘ and ‘dinner‘ and we weren’t sure which we would be getting (especially since a burger is £5 on the lunch menu and £7 for brunch!)  It turned out we were there for brunch menu from which we ordered two £7 burgers.  To be honest there wasn’t a massive variety of choices, pancakes, ‘something with eggs’ (which is a section of the menu with of things involving eggs), full breakfast, burgers or fish and cocktails(!)

Not a great photo, but a fantastic burger – possibly the best burger I’ve eaten in the west end – The salad accompanying it wasn’t great being one lettuce leaf and a slice of tomato.  The coleslaw was nice, but nothing to write home about, however the burger itself was sheer perfection and I had it with both red onion relish and bacon.  It was well cooked and utterly delicious.  The chips were closer to potato wedges and again lovely!

I would highly recommend giving this place a try!