movie: The Brothers Bloom

The Brothers Bloom doesn’t have a mainstream release (we saw this at the GFT) so it is strictly in that “quirky”, “art house”, “independent cinema” box and I’m not sure it should be.  It does have a fairly unknown director (Rain Johnson) but stars Rachel Weisz (The Mummy(and Returns), Runaway Jury, Constant Gardener, etc.), Adrien Brody (The Darjeeling Limited, King Kong, The Pianist, etc.) oh and Robbie Coltrain.

The plot is the story of two brothers who have been con artists since they were kids.   Bloom wants to quit the business as he is losing his own identity to that of the characters he portrays; he doesn’t know anymore what is real and what is make-believe. Stephen talks him into one last con, on an eccentric, lonely but beautiful  heiress, Penelope Stamp.

However, as they start the con it isn’t obvious what is con and what is real, is she in on it or not, who is conning who, and so on.  Basically that is all background to what is actually a beautifully shot film in some fantastic locations while a complicated love story unfolds.

All in, it is a really enjoyable film with some extremely funny sections and a plot that is impossible to guess before it unfolds, but it still manages to miss tying it all together into being an absolutely great film.  Close but no banana.

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