book: John Bevere “Under Cover”

April 19, 2010

Yes, I have read a ‘Christian lifestyle’ book.  This is something I tend to avoid having gone through the obligatory period of reading every trendy christian book I decided that they are all the same.  While each one might in fact have a genuine insight into something or other, generally their entire thesis can be summed up in a paragraph or two but they love to spin out lots of stories most of which I find it difficult to relate to.

Under Cover‘ is all about biblical Authority, how submission to differs from obedience, and how all worldly authority – government, police, employers, church leadership and family – is put in place by God.  Therefore how to submit to Gods appointed authority and when and how not to go along with such authority.

I was reading this because this is what we will be covering in the current three Deeper meetings, and I did find it a fairly good read and it explained the theories very well.  However, I did find it rather tedious at times especially passages like this:

“A few years ago I went into my office at 5:30am to pray as I’d done so many mornings before.  Yet before I could begin, I heard the Holy Spirit’s directive: Go to Luke chapter 17 and start reading from verse 5

There is very little in this sort of statement that I can relate to – getting up at 5:30 is only one of them, a church with several pastors and massive staff, such a precise ‘directive’ etc.  and I find these sort of statements make ‘normal Christians’ feel inadequate if they can’t live up to those sort of standards.  There is an underlying message that we aren’t doing enough if we aren’t reading our Bibles from 5am – 7am before getting our children up for a family Bible study (single Christians or any without children also aren’t as ‘holy’)….

OK so aside from my own hangups about books that tell you how to live your Christian life this is a good book with an important message.