movie: Blind Side

We went to catch a movie tonight, it was sold out so caught ‘Blind Side‘ instead without knowing too much about it.  All I knew was that it was based on a true story about a poor black guy who is looked after by a white family and becomes a famous NFL star – and also Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for this.

As far as the plot goes that does more or less sum it up. Michael Oher‘s mother was a crack addict, he didn’t attend school and was passed around ‘the system’ till stuff happened and at around 17 he was taken in and later adopted by a white family, the Tuohy’s, who helped him achieve more in football and get his grades to the required standard.

It is a touching little movie with some funny moments and engaging enough.  It was a little weak on tension or drama and when there was some attempt to add this in it really didn’t work. So generally speaking it was an OK little movie.


The problem is we went to see it at the Glasgow Quay Odeon and got that full ‘multiplex’ experience of being surrounded by ignorant people who had buckets the size of a small child full of noisy pop-corn, or ice-jangling massive cups of juice and if they weren’t munching, scabbing around for pop-corn, rummaging in sweet packets they were chatting.  Basically there just seems to be an awful lot more ignorant people in Multiplexes!

//Rant Off//

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