food: Mzouda

The continuing irregular alphabetical meal (visiting a restaurant that starts with the next letter from the alphabet) tonight took us to ‘M’ for MZOUDA!  No, I hadn’t heard of it either but it has suddenly become my favourate Moroccan / Spanish Restaurant.

Mzouda is at 141 Elderslie Street (G3 7AW) and really doesn’t look that exciting from the outside.  However inside is a small, but not cramped, comfortable space with red decor and a Moroccan feel.  I would also say that the menu was more Moroccan than Spanish but as I don’t know much about either who am I to argue.

A sample menu is available on the website, and to be honest I more or less chose randomly to have “Lentejas” to start, green lentils in a rich tomato sauce with garlic and bay leaves followed by “Djaj Fassi” (no idea how to pronounce it, I pointed) – this was a tagine of chicken cooked with apricots and almonds (see very poor out of focus photo below).  My dinner companion had a soup and another chicken dish- neither of which are on the online menu so I can’t give the full descriptions.

Everything we had was absolutely fantastic!  OK, perhaps apart from the soup which was great but probably not fantastic, seemed a little like minestrone but had something that gave it an edge we didn’t really like. I think it was probably a spice we weren’t used to, but it didn’t spoil the overall experience.

The main courses were delicious!  The chicken was nice and tender, aromatic rice (I managed to avoid the chips option though I was tempted) but it is the mix of spices and herbs that make up the sauces which made it completely unique – at least to me, for a Moroccan it probably isn’t unique at all.  Excellent and friendly service, mouth watering dishes and decent value for money at £12 each for two courses booked through

I will certainly return to Mzouda!

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