book: Stuart MacBride “Broken Skin”

April 4, 2010

Another novel by Stuart MacBride.  ‘Broken Skin‘ sees DS Logan McRae once again on the trail of multiple cases is Aberdeen while dodging the DIs and other superiors and keeping on the tail of the odd hapless constables.

In this book there are several unconnected cases, a serial rapist, an 8 year old murderer who is on the run and bazaar bondage related murder that takes McRae into the Aberdeen S&M scene.

I have to say that the violence in these books are a little on the graphic side and I normally wouldn’t enjoy, but the rest of it is really good fun.  I’m not an expert on Police procedure, but it does seem to be very realistic and the general police banter, dark humor, off duty drinking, etc.  adds an element of realism to the plot.