book: Stuart Woods “Dark Harbor” & “Fresh Disasters”

I’ve blogged about lots of Stuart Woods books now as I’ve worked through the series with the Stone Barrington character.  However, they all have basically same story where something happens to our hero, he or his friends are in danger, there is a who-done-it element and everything is resolved.  I like this familiarity and the sheer fast pace of these Stuart Woods books, however I wouldn’t recommend ANY of them to anyone other than the first in the series – New York Dead.

So, Dark Harbor sees Stone receiving an inheritance from a distant cousin who apparently committed suicide.  Stone checks it out and discovers that it was murder – there is then a series of murders and eventually this is resolved.  I must admit this was the first Stuart Woods book where I actually spotted who the bad-guy(s) were before the end.

Next, Fresh Disasters – which I only finished a day ago and had to look at the back to remind myself what it was about – follows two stories.  First we are reintroduced to the hapless character of Herbie Fisher who is in trouble again and wants Stone to sue a Mafia boss.  The other sub-plot is a masseuse who turns out to have a stalker – Stone get’s involved, people start trying to kill him and we don’t know which plot it is from and in the end everything is resolved.

I very much enjoyed both of these books and will keep reading this series.

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