book: Stuart MacBride “Cold Granite”

Cold Granite is Stuart MacBride‘s first novel published in 2006.  I have in fact recently read the 2nd novel ‘Dying Light‘ and there were so many references there to recent achievements of the main character DS Logan, that I wanted to go back and find out what had happened.  I have to say that this wasn’t entirely successful as this book is also littered with references to the last big case that had left him injured and on long term sick so it looks like that is just the style or perhaps at some point there will be a prequel to fill in the past.

‘Cold Granite’ is set in Aberdeen and takes place over the course of less than two weeks as DS Logan returns to work in the midst of a series of child abductions and murders.  A serial killer is at work.  As the story unfolds new cases come out, children go missing but are they related to the case?  a child’s body is discovered but is this related to the case?  The local press seem to be getting details of the story that shouldn’t be known, etc. and as these pieces are gradually put together a complex series of characters and events gradually unfolds.

The subject matter of child murders isn’t great and some of the details are a bit too graphic for my tastes but that didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the suspense, humour (often at the expense of police procedure or error) and fast moving plot.

I will certainly return to this author for more gritty stories from Aberdeen.

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