Backbeat at the Citizens Theatre

Went to see Backbeat tonight at The Citizens and had a great time!  Backbeat is the story of John Lennon and his best friend, artist, Stuart Sutcliffe.  John invites Stuart to join his newly formed band even though he can’t play bass but looks right.  So they come up with the name The Beatles and the five of them head off to Hamburg.  While in Germany Stuart falls in love with Astrid Kirchherr and has to choose between staying with the band or being with Astrid and being an artist. I wont give away the ending.

This is the world premiere of the stage version of Backbeat, which was previously a movie, and the staging of the play uses large sliding panels, creative lighting and fantastic projections to represent everything from the Liverpool docks, railway stations, Hamburg clubs and of course the Cavern Club back in Liverpool.  While this isn’t a musical or ‘jukebox-play’ it does obviously include lots of incidental music and the guys are playing live which really adds to the whole event.

So, a fantastic production only on for another week or so at The Citizens before moving to London so catch it now and don’t just take my word for it:

Audience reaction

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