book: Stuart Woods “Reckless Abandon”

I’ve been out of action for a week in a sea of sickness (and mouse hunting)…  so it was over a week ago when I finished this book and already I can remember no details of it.  Sometimes that is what you want, and it is what I like about the ‘pulp’ Stuart Woods books.

Having a quick flick through the book to remind myself of the plot, for what it matters, and this time Stone Barrington is joined by Holly Barker, the Chief of Police from Florida that he met in a previous novel.  She is in town trying to chase down a killer, this is complicated because he is in FBI witness protection and working undercover with the Mafia on a cash for guns deal with middle eastern terrorists….  if that isn’t enough, Stone and Holly are recruited by the CIA and Stone is flown to London to help appoint the new head of MI6.

When it comes down to it these are just fluffy page turners, but they do keep your attention and entertain.  So I’ll keep with the Stuart Woods novels for now.

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