book: Simon Kernick “A Good Day To Die”

Very quick review of this one, I got hold of this book because it was a recommended thriller writer with a book set in London when I was going to visit London.  So I haven’t read anything by this author before and this story is part of a continuing series with the main character, Dennis Milne.

A Good Day To Die” starts of with Dennis in hiding/exile in the Philippines, and we discover that he is ex-police from London and now some kind of hit-man. When is ex-partner is killed he goes back to London and working on his own, hunted by the police and various gangs, he stumbles across a series of clues and solutions with an inevitable twist.

As you can probably tell I wasn’t too inspired by this book. It was an interesting, even gripping plot but I found the writing style got annoying.  By the end I noticed that each chapter seemed to either start or end with a summary of the whole story so far and this just got really, well boring.

A popular author, but it didn’t work for me.

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