gig: Peatbog Faeries

Last day of this year’s Celtic Connections, finally managed to get organised to go to a full gig, and probably in one of the best venues in Glasgow, The FruitmarketI hadn’t heard much from the Peatbog Faeries, but on Alan’s recommendation a small group of us got together for this gig.  Also, it was on a Sunday night, so a good excuse to skip church ;-)

They have been classified as ‘Celtic Fusion’ which generally means upbeat non-traditional music with traditional Celtic instruments and music.  From my limited experience of Celtic bands I would say they are similar to Shooglenifty with a great mix of sounds with bagpipes, whistles, fiddles, electric guitar, keys and a brass trio (sax, trombone and trumpet) which gives them what I thought was a jazz/funk feel and at other times a blues vibe with obviously a strong Celtic core through out.

The Fruitmarket or ‘The Old Fruitmarket‘ as it now seems to be called – rocks!  It has an excellent atmosphere for this type of music with that old-world feel of a market place and cobbled street – good acoustics and you never feel that far from the band, even when like me you prefer to stand at the back by the tech-desks.

The only thing that detracted from this concert at all was the lighting which looked like a good rig but seemed to be operated in a very random way.  The movers were over used, nothing was in time with the music very often and there seemed to be programs left on randomly for long periods which added nothing and just made it harder to watch the band.

Apart from that minor irritation it was a good night, with good company and some great sounds.  I’d certainly recommend catching the Peatbog Faeries if you get the chance.

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