Grayza goes to London Day 6

Flying back to civilization this evening so last few things to see or do.  Ehh…. I don’t really have any deep desire to go see anything else, but I suppose I have to.  Checking out the map it seems to make sense to go to Liverpool Street Station where later I will be getting the Stansted Express, so I could leave my bag there and walk down to The Tower of London, see what is around there.

I think this is the business and finance part of London because, well, it is empty.  There is no one around, shops are all closed and traffic light.  But the high buildings make it difficult to get bearings.  Eventually I find the Tower, which is bigger than I expected, but it was really Tower Bridge that I wanted to see.

I like Tower Bridge.  I like that it is sort of ‘fake’ with the appearance of being some kind of ancient Gothic building but is in fact much more modern than that.  Entry to the tower and exhibition is £7 and with an extra 50p you also get access to The Monument.

As soon as you get inside the first tower it is obvious how shallow the façade is with the real structure of riveted girders inside the stone exterior and windows.  The tour is interesting, and gives some nice views from the bridge, and down into the engine room.  After that I went along the river again to The Monument.

The Monument was designed by Wren to commemorate those lost in the Fire of London in 1666.  Access is only £3 + a workout as you have to climb 311 stairs in an ever tightening spiral to a viewing platform.  I was more pleased that I was able to make the climb than I was to see the view, but hey it’s another part of ‘the London thing’ ticked off the list.

I headed back to the station, still mostly through dead streets and then I found a flock of geese.

A flock of geese penned in but by the look of the film crew around the corner and the extras sitting at a bar being given directions on what to do.  So if anyone sees a film or TV show where a flock of geese waddle past a bar let me know… (do geese waddle?)

Back to the station and even though it was far too early to go to the airport I had nothing better to do and with a replacement bus service in place and rumors of an accident on the motorway I figured I might as well be at the airport than hanging around in London.  When I did get to the airport I grabbed a coffee, opened up the mac and started watching an episode of Dexter while waiting (with headphones on obviously).  I was getting into it when I suddenly realised that I was watching this scene where the police were examining the naked body of a murdered woman… while people were walking around behind me chatting and enjoying their coffee and perhaps not wanting to see this.  So I had to move around to find a place to watch more privately.

A long day.  Glad to be back.

One Response to Grayza goes to London Day 6

  1. Welcome back! Glad you had a good time in London – you really packed a lot in!

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