Grayza goes to London Day 4

Second and last day of the Exhibition I’m hear for and it was fairly interesting.  Not as productive as I had hoped but it never did look like it would be an exact fit with what I’m looking for.  It was winding down by 3:30ish and there really wasn’t anything left to see so I went for a walk and found myself at the Kensington Palace end of Hyde Park.

As a person who hasn’t been to London much (which is no doubt apparent by the amount I have had to say about it in the last few days) place names like Hyde Park, Marble Arch, Albert Hall, etc.  are familiar but I have no frame of reference as to where they are from each other.  I’m not sure why, but I always thought that the Albert Hall was down by the river but it’s not, it is opposite the Albert Memorial (which is a truly awesome piece of public art and celebration of Empire with people from all over the world represented in what we would not call caricature).

I walked around Hyde Park for a while and then started to think I should do something more productive so hopped on the tube to check out the Saatchi Gallery (it was due to close in an hour or so but if it grabbed me I could come back tomorrow).  I found it – it was closed.  Later on the local news there was a report from the gallery showing a new exhibit opening tomorrow which not only explained why it was closed, but also showed me I wouldn’t have liked the visit.

Another long walk (my feet are aching this week!) back to the hotel stopping only for some Mexican food, and an early night to start to write up my notes from this exhibition.  One more full day in London tomorrow, and I’ve done all the main things on my list…?

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