Impossible Movie Tech

I know that sometimes a writer will need to take liberties with what is possible with technology in order to keep the plot moving along but this montage shows one example that has been used so often it has just become a lazy way of revealing the next part of the story…

2 Responses to Impossible Movie Tech

  1. stsilasgreg says:

    This is great! It ALWAYS annoys me, that. The one where they rotate the scene from a still photograph (enemy of the state) is completely stupid but also kind of fun. It all sprung from Harrison Ford in Blade Runner, though. In that film, his investigation of the photograph is merely put in to reinforce his credentials as a private investigator according to the old pulp-fiction/film noir type. I don’t think it actually moves the plot along at all.

    “you can see the reflection in his eye”…wow, yeah. Put out an APB on that guy…the guy with four pixels for a face: he should be easy to find!

  2. stsilasgreg says:

    “can you enhance those four pixels?”
    “no chief… It’s…ah, it’s just… four pixels.”
    “what about using the reconstruct function?”
    “Er…no…first of all, we don’t have one, and second of all, it wouldn’t work.”
    “what? Why not?”
    “It’s just four pixels”

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