book: Stuart Woods “LA Dead”

Yes, another Stuart Woods book with the American action character Stone Barrington.  “LA Dead”  opens with Stone in Venice getting ready for his marriage to Dolce, the daughter of a Mafia kingpin.  When Stone gets the news that Hollywood star Vance Calder has been murdered and that Arrington is the main suspect.  OK, so obviously this will make more sense if you have read any of the other novels and I would recommend that but it would work as a stand alone novel.

So Stone rushes back to US to represent Arrington and prove her innocent.  Again, this is a very clever who-done-it investigation with very well drawn characters and lots of action.  These books are all real page turners where the pace of the story never slacks.

Have you noticed yet that if Stone and his on-again-off-again girlfriend Arrington ever get it together she will be Arrington Barrington :-/

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