book: Stuart Woods “Worst Fears Realized”

OK, so I’m completely hooked on these Stuart Woods books featuring the Stone Barrington character.  I’ve settled into a reading order, and sorted out with Lou (who has bought most of these so I’m borrowing them) which ones to order, it is just a case of working through them.

So to catch up here’s what I thought of “Worst Fear’s Realized“.  Stone is coming to terms with his broken heart from loosing Arrington to movie star Vance Calder (who I always think of as Brad Pitt).  He goes to a party and as is always the case with the Manhattan lawyer turned investigator it doesn’t take long before he is leaving with a lady.  However it doesn’t work out well and soon he is suspected of her murder.

There is then a series of murders that seem to be connected to him or his best friend, Dino Bacchetti of the 19th Precinct.  Stone knows that one of a cop’s worst fears has been realized: a con with a grudge is bent on vengeance.  This book moves Stone’s character along as he becomes involved with another (dangerous) woman and gradually puts together the pieces to find the bad guy.

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