book: Stuart Woods “Swimming to Catalina”

OK, I’ll admit it I am currently hooked on Stuart Woods books about the character Stone Barrington (see last and next post)… So “Swimming to Catalina” is the forth in the series and I’ve discovered that each book leads directly to the next one.  In this case there is a phone call right at the end of “Dead in the Water” which kicks off this story.

However, the opening chapter of “Swimming to Catalina” starts flash forward of our hero Stone having his hands and feet bound, a chain shackled to his waist, an anchor attached to the chain and being thrown off the back of a boat by two gents of Italian origin to his ‘certain death’…  This is a great way to open a story because you spend half the book waiting for it to happen and looking out for the characters involved.

This is a story of intrigue, kidnapping and organized crime in a Hollywood studio.  The kidnapping is of Stone’s Ex whom he has lost to the biggest movie star (I picture the guy as a Brad Pitt type).

Again, this is a complete page turner and very easy read but which keeps you guessing all the way through.

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