book: Stuart Woods “Dead in the Water”

I read “New York Dead” back in 2008, enjoyed it and picked up a couple of others in this series then forgot about them.  So after “Mercury Falls” I turned to my shelves for inspiration and picked up  “Dead in the Water“.

Stuart Woods writes a lot of books, the ones I’ve stumbled in on are based around the Stone Barrington character.  This third novel (bum I missed one) in the series and sees Stone Barrington – which is obviously a name that can only belong to a fictional hero – is on holiday on the Caribbean island of St Mark’s.  However, it doesn’t all go to plan… While waiting for his girlfriend to arrive a beautiful woman arrives alone on a luxury yacht.  On her journey her husband had an accident (or did he) and she is charged with killing him (or is she) … well yes she is charged, but did she do it?

So Stone gets drawn in because the local politics seem to be railroading her and the judicial system seems to leave a lot to be desired….

Basically this book is a simple, straight forward, fast-moving thriller – but above all it is a page turner.  I picked this up and started reading it right after “Mercury Falls“(get it read it!) and finished this in two days flat – I’m a slow reader and it usually takes me a couple of weeks at least to get through a book.

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