book: Robert Kroese “Mercury Falls”

mercury fallsCertainly one of the most entertaining books I’ve read in a while.  This is a simple tale of the Apocalypse and some of the ‘people’ involved in trying to ensure it goes off as planned, or see that it doesn’t.  You see, the Apocalypse is just sort of kicking off according to the Apocalypse Accord worked out over many centuries by the two sides – Heaven and Hell.

However, not everybody is completely on board with the plan and it looks like there are a few factions who are trying to work against the Apocalypse happening.  Mainly by trying to kill the Antichrist, one Karl Grissom (a 37 year old pizza delivery guy who won the title of Antichrist in a book promotion and wasn’t fully aware that this meant he was the actual Antichrist).  The reasoning goes

“Can’t have an Apocalypse without an Antichrist.  That would be like The King and I without Yul Brynner”
“Yul Brynner died in 1985”
“And it hasn’t been the same since, has it?”

So, while a war in the middle east hots up to the start of the planned Apocalypse Christine, a journalist who mainly covers various cults who think the end of the world is about to happen, and Mercury, an anit-establishment angel who is avoiding playing his part in the Apocalypse end up trying to save Karl (The Antichrist) from other rogue (AWOL or ‘fallen’) angels who are trying to kill him.  Along the road they discover some double crossing is going on against the Apocalypse Accord and not everyone seems to want it to go according to plan.

This is a great book with some fantastic depictions of other-worldly bureaucracies in the ranks of angels who seem to simply follow orders by memo with the trust that someone higher up knows what is going on.  There are very funny moments, a nice complex plot where you really can’t figure out what is around the corner and some great characters.

If you enjoy authors like Christopher Moore, Douglas Adams or the movie Dogma, you’ll love this book.  There is just one problem, I couldn’t find an easy way of getting this in the UK as don’t have it but you can order from or even easier you can read it online in various formats – full details here along with the first 12 chapters free

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