Why blog?

I’ve always looked on blogging as a personal record for myself of what I’ve been doing, ‘reviews’ are more reminders of places I’ve eaten, movies, books, etc.  to remind myself as much as anything else.  It is also nice to share the odd and quirky things that you find in life or online.

I’ve user various ‘rules’ to blog such as trying to blog once a day, trying not to blog for a month, doing a weekly summary of good things and bad things from that week (might do that again it was very cathartic).  Anyway, one thing I’ve always been slightly confused about is how any of it is of interest to anyone – if it is I am very pleased but I think if I started to think about writing for an ‘audience’ it would change how I approached a post.

So a few weeks ago I was surprised to get an email from an author offering me a copy of his book to review.  There was an outline of the book and a link to a web site with a sample chapter and it did look like a book I would enjoy.  It also looked legitimate rather than a scam so I gave him my address to post the book to.

It arrived today.

I do hope it is good, as I would feel very guilty about getting a freebie and then having to give it a bad review.

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