culture clash

September 19, 2009

I was helping out the guys at GBR this weekend with a video job in an Episcopal church in Bearsden.  It was the installation of a new priest, or rector or something so lots of clergy in flowing robes, liturgy, organ, choir etc.  All very nice though a bit sad because of the ratio of grey heads to young people…  when people talk about a dying church this is the evidence and I can understand why.  Tradition is nice and I’m glad these churches exist and people are dedicated to them, but I couldn’t worship that way on a regular basis.

20090919-episcopalAfter the event I packed up the gear and headed over to Kelvin Hall where I knew there was another GBR event – this time providing sound, lights, etc for some kind of Scottish semi-pro wrestling event.  So lots of big blokes in spandex prancing around practicing their ‘feights’ also some female wrestlers in less spandex doing the same and ring-girls is short skirts and tall boots posing around.


I can’t remember being so struck by the crazy culture clash.  Ceremony and clerical vestments dating from 500 years ago, all very polite and ‘Vicar of Dibley-esk’ church life, then muscle bound ‘freeks’ in fake tan and spandex and girls posing around in garish makeup.

I didn’t hang around for the wrestling itself, the ‘pre-match’ atmosphere is more than enough for me, but it made me think of the incredible cultural divides that exist in our community as I came out of this hall of craziness to a calm coffee shop.  I suppose there is no way of avoiding ‘each to their own’.

Sorry for the quality of the photos (shaky phone cam) and no way was I taking photos closer to the crazy wrestlers.