it’s been a bit mental

… it’s that time of year that things at work ramp up for the start of term (always seems to come as a surprise to people that students come back and teaching starts again).  Same sort of thing happens at Church, new term new season of Deeper meetings.

On top of those regular things the building work on the church hall has started, and even though this has been talked about and planned and saved for for many years the last week or so between the contracts being signed and work starting happened very quickly.

So a new style of morning service known as ‘together‘ has started in the morning and the first 8 weeks of it uses a lot of tech so I’ve been trying to support that – the system we use for words projection needs upgrading, the PC was playing up when showing video and we are starting to use a live texting system to get responses and feedback from the congregation during a service.  I’m not trying to imply that this is all down to be, there is a team of Easy Worship (the software we use) operators, it is just that this is a little out of the ordinary so I’m making sure things are working for the first few weeks.  Also helped put together a theme video for the service.

This weekend is the first Deeper Renovation and (I think) I’ve finally managed to put together the opening video for it.  Have to say it is a blank page regarding what else I’ve to do during the event but as most of the visuals are improvised on the night that will be fine.

The other things that have kept me busy has been the growing obsession with The West Wing (now well into Season Five) and The Wire which finished a couple of weeks ago and was fantastic.  Oh and I’m trying to learn to play Bass guitar which is fun.

So, that’s a quick catch up.

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