Book: Terry Pratchett “Thief of Time”

Terry Pratchett “Thief of Time” is the last (I think) in the Death-Series.  I’m working my way through Terry Pratchett books according to themes – starting with the Guards, now Death, with various asides on the way.

thief of timeThis is without doubt one of my favouite Pratchett books so far. Again we meet Death and his granddaughter Susan Sto Helit now a school teacher and the type of teacher we all wish we had.  However Death, with the help of Death of Rats draws her unwilling into the difficult task of finding ‘someone like her’.  Death himself can’t do this because he has to ‘ride out with the other 3 horsemen because of the impending Apocalypse.  At least we think there are 4 horsemen but there is also the milkman.

Also in this book we learn about Wen and The Monks of History, Lu-Tze the sweeper and his apprentice Lobsang and a clockmaker.

It is a fast paced book with lots of very good characters and interesting new concepts.

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