Books: Jesse Kellerman, “The Brutal Art”

The Brutal Art by Jesse Kellerman.  I think I picked this up in a 3 for 2 offer at Waterstones.  Wish I hadn’t bothered.

book cover

It is the (boring) story of an art dealer who (for complicated and non-interesting reasons) comes into the possession of a lot of drawings – a sort of abandoned flat full of thousands of A4 sketches that seem to patch together to form one coherent drawing but would take an inconceivably large space to actually lay out.  This part of the story drags along until a retired police officer gets in touch to say that the face of a cherub in one of the drawings that has been sold is the face of a child that was murdered years ago.

So there is a slightly interesting possibility that the mysterious artist who no one knows may be a serial killer – turns out he isn’t (hope I’m not spoiling this, but if you plan to read it don’t – if you are reading it stop!).  Then there is also a bunch of ‘flash back’ chapters that tell an even more boring parallel tale that eventually catches up with current time and adds nothing to the excitement or pace of the overall plot.

Reading this has been a total waste of time.  I often end up sticking with books like this waiting for it to turn into a slow-starting hidden gem, when will I learn to just give up if the story isn’t going anywhere, characters are boring and there is page after page of nothing happening.

On the up side the next book I have lined up was given to me by Lou from Biblo, who has put me on to many a good read in recent years and it pokes fun at religion and faith…. Feel like starting it now but at 2am I think I should leave it till tomorrow at least.

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