A matter of perspective…

June 21, 2009

Today is (was) the 21st June, and as you would have noticed the suns rays were perpendicular to the Tropic of Cancer (at 23°30′ North latitude).  This means that the earth’s “circle of illumination” (i.e. it was light) all the way from the Arctic Circle to the Antarctic Circle.

So the equator received twelve hours of daylight, all of the North Pole and areas north of 66°30′ N have 24 hours of daylight and the equivalent area South has 24 hours of night.

So it is the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the longest day of sunlight (17h 35m 17s in Glasgow today) and of course the shortest night… (all explained really well here if you are interested)

Which made me think, it’s all a matter of perspective.  In the North there’s more light, in the South there is less.  Is it good to have more hours of daylight or is it bad because there are less hours of night?  Does it make any difference at all since we don’t travel to Stonehenge, get up at dawn (which today was 4:31 AM in Glasgow) to look after the fields or animals or anything else that is governed by the sun?

More hours of sunlight simply means that from now on the nights are drawing in, it’s getting closer to winter and the best is behind us….  can you tell that I’ve got one of these:


the Pessimist’s Mug available from Despair.com

Books: Jesse Kellerman, “The Brutal Art”

June 19, 2009

The Brutal Art by Jesse Kellerman.  I think I picked this up in a 3 for 2 offer at Waterstones.  Wish I hadn’t bothered.

book cover

It is the (boring) story of an art dealer who (for complicated and non-interesting reasons) comes into the possession of a lot of drawings – a sort of abandoned flat full of thousands of A4 sketches that seem to patch together to form one coherent drawing but would take an inconceivably large space to actually lay out.  This part of the story drags along until a retired police officer gets in touch to say that the face of a cherub in one of the drawings that has been sold is the face of a child that was murdered years ago.

So there is a slightly interesting possibility that the mysterious artist who no one knows may be a serial killer – turns out he isn’t (hope I’m not spoiling this, but if you plan to read it don’t – if you are reading it stop!).  Then there is also a bunch of ‘flash back’ chapters that tell an even more boring parallel tale that eventually catches up with current time and adds nothing to the excitement or pace of the overall plot.

Reading this has been a total waste of time.  I often end up sticking with books like this waiting for it to turn into a slow-starting hidden gem, when will I learn to just give up if the story isn’t going anywhere, characters are boring and there is page after page of nothing happening.

On the up side the next book I have lined up was given to me by Lou from Biblo, who has put me on to many a good read in recent years and it pokes fun at religion and faith…. Feel like starting it now but at 2am I think I should leave it till tomorrow at least.

28th May !

June 2, 2009

What happened on the 28th May?

It was a Tuesday, there wasn’t anything special in my diary, it was the day after I blogged about Star Trek but surely that doesn’t explain this:

blog-statsI try not to pay attention to the stats section of my blog page because I can’t really think why people other than the few I know about would read this.  I don’t aim to entertain, inform or debate, though hopefully occasionally I do some of these I’ve always bloged with only the intention of keeping a record for myself.

So why did I get 300 hits on the 28th?  My normal turn over of hits of 40-60 is confusing enough but 300?  I dug down a bit but there wasn’t really much to go on, just showing the same sort of searches and pages visited (and only one hit on the star trek post).

There has to be a glitch somewhere either in the total count or the specific pages visited which only adds up to around 30 hits.  This is going to really screw up my average figures.

Too hot to blog…

June 2, 2009

No it’s not.

We’ve had a few days of fantastic weather which and it is incredible how quickly we can get used to it. Normally in Scotland it is difficult to go very far from home/office/car without carrying a jacket, rain coat or umbrella ‘just in case’.  So I surprised myself by going all the way to Edinburgh this week with no extra clothes for wind, rain or hail.

Anyway, talking to a friend at the weekend she said that she preferred cold weather to hot becuase “if you are too cold you can generally do something about it, put on a jumper, turn up the heating – but if it is too hot there isn’t much you can do”  I have always had the other opinion that it is better to be too hot.  Now, I agree with what my friend said but I just don’t think I’ve ever been too-hot.

This week has indeed challenged this but in general I think that as a Scotsman living in Glasgow where frequently we experience all four seasons in one short afternoon and when each year we experience the strange sensation of trying to remember what that strange orange thing is that appears in the sky around February.

So it can never be too hot (in Scotland) and if anyone ever hears me saying “I’m too hot” please remind me of this fact.

BTW I think the good weather is about to break :-/