Movie: Star Trek

I haven’t been to the cinema for a very long time!  This used to be something I would do almost every week, but the number of idiots talking, munching, walking in and out, etc. as well as the lack of service and interest in customers at the big multiplex really started to get to me – so that it is only worth going to smaller places, or during the day.  Anyway, I’ll not go any further into that:  Star Trek

StarTrek_2009MovieIs this the latest in the franchise or the start of a new one?  Will this film stand up to its heritage or embarrass it?  How can new actors take on well loved and well known characters?  How can Leonard Nimoy be appearing in this movie?

Well, IMHO, this film rocks!  The major “twist” that makes the plot possible in the Star Trek universe we all know manages to negate all the above concerns and means that whether or not you are a fan of the original series this movie can stand on its own merit.

I’m not actually a big fan of the original series.  It is something I remember from growing up but can’t really watch for long now, I prefer Enterprise and Voyager much more.  The new Star Trek pays enough service to the existing stories without becoming a parody of itself which would have been easy to do with so much of the original Star Trek has now become common sayings or jokes “Spock: Live long, and Prosper.” “Scotty: I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!” “Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy: Damnit man! I’m a doctor, not a physicist!”  This movie also manages not to take itself too seriously with enough light moments to break up the action.

What I didn’t like about this film was some of the production techniques, I think I’ve moaned about this before but why do directors keep using that shaky-camera-makes-action-look-better trick.  It is really annoying.  There is a bar fight where we can’t see what is going on, some running about becuase things are exploding scenes where we can’t see what is going on and even when JT Kirk meets Christopher Pike and they are sitting talking the camera is constantly moving and shaking – this movie costs $150,000,000 buy a bloody tripod!!

OK, some of this “shaky-camera-makes-action-look-better trick” may have been exasobated by the fact that we went to see this at the imax cinema.  This was my suggestion because I’ve not seen a non-imax movie at an imax and thought that a big space type movie would be good on the biggest screen possible – it wasn’t.  I really don’t think the ‘imax experience’ was worth the extra £3-4 other than the fact that people were much better behaved ( there were no “idiots talking, munching, walking in and out, etc” as mentioned previously).

So, in summing up.  Great movie, doesn’t spoil the franchise – not sure its one of those movies which you MUST see on the big screen, but certainly don’t bother with the imax.

2 Responses to Movie: Star Trek

  1. danjewish says:

    I hate the shakey cam too. I love this movie though. Good review.

  2. Chris says:

    If I must see a film in Glasgow I prefer to see it at the Grosvenor as the clientel seem very well behaved. In Edinburgh I haven’t had any problems at either the Cameo or the Filmhouse. Mind you their both independent, art house type places :)

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