Personal consultation from the Blue Man Group

May 25, 2009

amazing news….  following the last post I discovered that the Blue Man Group are available to give advice and help out with visual material.  I sent them a link to my other blog ( and got an immediate response with some helpful advice, here it is:

The blue man group’s advice for ChristianVisualist web site.

The Blue Man Group

May 25, 2009

Blue Man Group at the Clyde Auditorium Friday 22nd May 2009.

If you haven’t come across the Blue Man Group before they are a little difficult to categorise, a mix between performance art, comedy and rock.  Their music has strong percussion with heavy guitar and totally unique sounds from the instruments they have invented.  The Blue Men themselves don’t speak, but it isn’t what I would call mime either.  They are very expressive, inquisitive, and quintessential outsiders… trying to fit in with their surroundings, while discovering how to be rock megastars by interacting with the audience, each other and the band.

The opening of the show was incredible – this is the best fan-video I’ve found and it just can’t show the scale of it.  And scale is certainly part of the Blue Man Group live experience.  On the four tear stage is a drummer, two percussionists, three guitarists a keyboard player two singers as well as the three blue men and all the instruments they use, but the show doesn’t always remain on the stage with blue men interacting with audience members and moving around the auditorium.

This is a true rock show with an awesome heavy sound…

“I Feel Love”

…but also a very funny experience

The Blue Man Group are an awesome live experience – if you get a chance go see them.  Failing that have a look at their web site or all the stuff on youtube just to get a flavour…