Books: Lee Child “Gone Tomorrow”

Lee ChildGone Tomorrow” is the latest in the series of the character Jack Reacher, a man brought up in a military family who served as an MP reaching the rank of Major.  However, for most of the series (there is one book which is a flash-back to his time in service) Jack is moving from place to place as a drifter getting caught up in situations where he sorts everything out with his investigative skills or simply by force.

gone-tomorrowIn the more recent books I have been thinking that the character was getting a little dated – Jack’s world would have been disappearing. His skills would have been dated.  Here in”Gone Tomorrow” I think that Lee Child has addressed these things and brought Reacher right up to date.

The opening chapter sees Reacher on the New York subway at 2am when he sees someone that all his experience says is a problem (I’m not going to give away anything else of this part as it is too well constructed).

The story develops in the usual (for Lee Child) way with Reacher becoming involved in a problem, not wanting to let it go because of some moral commitment, being forced ‘outside the system’ and being hunted by both the ‘bad guys’ and the authorities. Again, as usual there are lots of plot twists, blind alleys and surprises, but what is different in this plot is that it is bang up to date.  It is very much post-9/11, involves some technology (which Reacher isn’t used to) and involves political aspects and intrigue.

I think this is one of the best books in a series of books I have enjoyed very much.  Most of the series I would have said it would be better to start with the first book, but this one I could see being a good introduction to the character today and then readers can go back and fill in his past.  Can’t say more.  Very good book – highly recommended.

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