Book: Terry Pratchett “Soul Music”

Terry Pratchett “Soul Music” is another book featuring Death.  This time when Death disappears to try to forget (it turns out he is trying to forget something which is about to happen and he does so by joining the Klatchian Foreign Legion, as most people joining it are trying to forget something or other.  This results in his granddaughter (by adoption) is pulled into the other-existence to carry on the necessary duty of soul taking.

soulmusicMeanwhile, a band is discovered or are discovered by a new type of music.  They become known as “The Band with Rocks In” and awaken a strange teenage like reaction in almost everyone who hears them – mainly the Wizards for some reason.

Like many Pratchett books a lot of the fun is in the real world refrencies, such as the explanation for the big bang creation, rock music, merchandice and comercialisation…  But other than that it is simply a very good, very funny Terry Pratchett novel with all the usual twists, turns and details that it so much of a trade mark of his work.

Anyway, scratch one more Pratchett for me and on to another book in the pile of “stop-buying-more-books-till-you’ve-read-these” books.

One Response to Book: Terry Pratchett “Soul Music”

  1. Brenda says:

    Okay I didn’t read your actual blog entry because it’s next required reading on my T. Pratchett list and I hate being spoiled – so hope it got a good review – but mind if I borrow it from you (if you do indeed have it)? Many thanks!

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