The Police

One of the first records I owned was a red-vinyl 7″ single of Roxanne, but that isn’t really relevant to this post.

This is about the actual Police, who I have a lot of respect for and generally speaking I like having them around.  They tend to be handy for policing things and shutting up neighbours, etc. But I do think it is our duty as citizens (or subjects, or whatever we are in Scotland) to keep an eye on what they do and the powers they have.

So when I spotted these two stories on boing boing I thought them worth noting:

boing-boing1Firstly there is a story of how police seem to be ‘overstepping’ their powers somewhat in the criminalising of legitimate protest – this may be the lightest and least controversial way of introducing this video, but then again the video is obviously made from one point of view and I’ve done absolutely no fact-checking, but on the other hand it does seem to speak for itself.


The second story is that it appears in central London the police have a curfew of 9pm on any group of 2 or more under-16s, such ‘groups’ can be broken up and the police do not have to see any anti-social behaviour.  So, lets just say that again, any two or more 16 yearolds on the streets after 9pm can’t be on the streets in the center of our capital, again I don’t know the story behind this but it just doesn’t sound like Great Britain and concerns me.

BTW:  if you are even slightly interested in this, read Little Brother by Cory Doctorow – here’s my review of it.

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