Book: Jools Holland “Barefaced lies & Boogie-Woogie Boasts”

Jools Holland‘s autobiography “Barefaced lies & Boogie-Woogie Boasts” was a present (thanks) and a surprisingly good read.  I liked Squeeze, loved The Tube, I think “Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra” are great and Later has to be the best music show on TV.  However, it never occured to me to bother reading this guys life story.  I don’t really go for autobiographies much and even though I was aware of all these different public aspects of Jools Holland I had never really linked them in my head to think “he’s an interesting guy I must find out more about him.”

book coverSo I was surprised by how entertaining and captivating a read it was.  The thing that has always impressed me about Jools is his shear deepth of knowledge about music and the opening chapters show some of where this came from, his love for learning piano, the lengths that he went to to get some early records and the memory of the way discovering different music made him feel.

It is an easy read with nice short chapters and a good pace which just keeps you turning the pages.  There are lots of good very funny back stage / tour-bus type stories and of course all the insights into meeting, interviewing or working with and recording with most of the top musicians of our time.  This is a very very good read, great fun and worth the read.

Now I really need to make an effort to catch the Rhythm and Blues Orchestra next time they tour.

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