What is it with Chinese people ?

February 13, 2009

I saw this article on Gizmodo that used the google auto-complet feature to see what people are searching for.  In this example if you type in “I am extreemly” as the screen shot shows, google lets us know that there are 4,750,000 hits for “I am extreemly depressed”, in fact most of the results are fairly depressing…


However, the figure that jumps out is that there are 303,000 results for “I am extremely terrified of chinese people”

But before you rush off to search for all these sites about people suffering from this phobia it seems that since Gizmodo posted this news there have been lots of other people pointing to the post and discussing why there are so many sites about “I am extremely terrified of chinese people” (in much the same way that I am now).  So much so in fact that if you are now actually terrified of chinese people it would be difficult to find support online becuase all the top hits are pointless blogs (like this one) talking about the fact that there were 303,000 results for “I am extremely terrified of chinese people” and now there are many more.

BTW, the fear of Chinese or Chinese culture is real and is known as “Sinophobia

Also, for the record, I like chinese people – but don’t get me started on Belgians!!