DIY – slow progress

February 11, 2009

I’ve not mentioned much about my current DIY project – the Bathroom, other than when most of a wall come down.  I’ve never liked the bathroom as it was, but I’ve also never been too confident with plumbing so the bathroom always appeared to be a major project, not just a bit of patching and painting.

In the end I’ve decided to get a plumber to do the difficult work which means the room doesn’t need to be out of action and I know it will be done right.  He also pointed me to some Plumbers Merchants where I could get better quality stuff than B&Q had for about the same price as their basic suites. So I think it will be nice when finished, just I’m not sure when it will be finished.

I have run into a couple of problems, have had to patch and plaster, sand, strip and prep more than I expected.  Friday, the floor goes down, suite goes in, plumbing is finished and I can start putting things back in, up, down, on, etc.  However I’ve just found out that the tiles I wanted aren’t going to be in stock for at least three weeks :-<  this is doubly disappointing as I bought myself something which I thought “I’m not going to open this till the bathroom is finished” and I don’t do deferred gratification.

Here, to keep track of progress, is a photo of how the bath looks today…

bath-progress… it can only get better!