More ‘things I’ve never done’

February 7, 2009

I’m currently in the middle of a DIY project (actually I fear I’ve not reached the middle yet, but it sounds more encouraging that way).  I’m putting in a new bathroom.  Well, not actually building an extension and putting in a totally new bathroom where there was nothing before – that would be ridiculous as I live on the first floor of a tenement.   But, I am ripping out the current bathroom and putting in a new one.

I’ve wanted to do this since first moving into this place nearly 9 years ago but it is a large project for my limited but enthusiastic DIY skills and scares me a little.  I’m also very poor at planning DIY projects.  I tend to start them, then get carried along by their momentum till the project declares itself finished and lets me get back to my own life.

The plan for today was fairly ambitious, but potentially achievable if everything went well.  Everything, however, had other plans which didn’t include ‘going well’ as far as I have grown to recognise the concept of well going.

The aforementioned ‘plan’ was to start as early as possible (today being Saturday that meant about 9:30ish) by getting all the tiles off the wall.  I knew this task would involve a lot of noisy hammering which may disturb some of my neighbours, but I still didn’t feel like getting up any earlier, so 9:30 it was!

This then is the first thing today that I’ve never done before – take tiles off a wall.  The first section was fine, it was hard work and lots of plaster came off with the tiles but it can be patched and new tiles will be going in the same place so not too bad.  The second, larger area, of tiles wasn’t so convinced that they wanted a change of outlook.  Here the tiles were so attached to the wall that the wall has come with the tiles…


The wall on the left (above the taps) is plaster over brickwork and will be OK after some patching,  the other wall is (or was) plasterboard which now needs replaced.  Which brings me to the second of today’s ‘things I’ve never done’ I’ve never removed a plasterboard wall.  Being a person who doesn’t remove plasterboard walls has generally been OK with me and is a condition would like to have continued in, mainly because I have no idea how to put one back up.

The other side of this wall is my kitchen.  I was wondering for a bit if I could put in some kind of hatch or window so that I could reach the toaster from the bath or I could chat to guests using ‘the facilities’ while I was making them a coffee, for example.  But I think, all things considered, I will simply have to try to reinstate the wall as it was, somehow.

Something I’ve never done before…

February 7, 2009

I’ve just had to give a sample of breath to a Police officer and I’ve never had to do that before.

Just after leaving a friends house at around 1am I was pulled over by a Police car.  This wasn’t too much of a shock as they were in front of me at first, but then went around a roundabout waving me on then followed for a little bit before switching on all the pretty lights on their roof.

It turns out I had a broken headlight :-(

Anyway, they asked me where I lived, what I did and where I had been, which was fine because I knew all the answers to those questions.  Then they asked if I had had anything to drink.  My reply of “no, oh wait yes, no – yes” didn’t inspire me with confidence, let alone them.  Then I said “Yes I had a bottle of beer – with the Pizza – so about five hours ago”

I’ve always wondered what it was like to blow into that little device, is there any resistance / pressure, can you make it whistle if you blow hard enough, those kind of things.  At no point was I in the slightest concerned that I was anywhere near the limit – which obviously I wasn’t and they sent me on my way asking me to get my light fixed as soon as possible.

I should have asked what the reading was out of interest, but didn’t think about that at the time.

I wonder if I’ll do anything else today that I’ve never done before?