Friendly support

February 4, 2009


Today I received a very friendly email from PayPal support…  It was so friendly that I thought I would share it.

emailIsn’t that very friendly?

The actual issue isn’t that big a deal and I have no issues with using PayPal, or complaints agaisnt them.  I’ve always found it a very good service and this is the first time I’ve been in touch with their support team.

Book: Terry Pratchett “Mort”

February 4, 2009

MortMort” is the simple tale of a boy who is taken on by Death as his apprentice, to do all that reaping business and give Death a night off.  There is also a hint that Death may have taken young Mort on simply to marry him off to his daughter.  The ‘hint’ I am referring to goes like this:

“Something like a small blue supernova flared for a moment in the depths of his eye sockets.  It dawned on Mort that, with some embarrassment and complete lack of expertise, Death was trying to wink.”

After a false start some years ago with a couple of books I enjoyed, but didn’t really ‘get’ I eventually got into Pratchett by focusing on the tales of the Night Watch of Ankh-Morpork ( starting with “Guards! Guards!” onwards).

[ BTW, while I mention it, a radio series of Guards! Guards! is currently (at time of posting) available on BBC iPlayer! ]

This has all the usual Pratchett finess, deapth and asides which make it so funny.  However, I often find that his books lack pace in the middle section and I didn’t find any of that in this story of Death, reincarnation, death, the (short) afterlife, death, love, death and a horse called Binky.

A fantasticly entertaining little read and a good change from my last read.