Thank God it’s February !

February 1, 2009

I’ve been taking a break from blogging, and in generally trying to cut down my online life (i.e. not sit with the computer in front of me while not really paying attention to TV, radio or even looking things up that come to me when reading!!)

So I’ve been consciously not putting the laptop on every night other than to check emails and RSS feeds which will otherwise just build up, or spend a little time on facebook, or check out Amazon….  OK I’m crap at not being online!  I did, however, decided to take a complete break from blogging for the month of January.  A task which I also failed (twice) on the 20th when I finished a book and then got all excited about the Inauguration and decided to stand for President (“Aye, Nae Bother!”)

So, it’s February and I’ve given up on all that and I’m back!  Whether you like it or not, indeed whether you read it or not.  I’m going to continue to share my reviews of books, movies, food, concerts, etc (actually the likelihood is only books, as I’ve not been to the cinema for ages, the alphabet-restaurant thing has been put on hold and I totally missed Celtic Connections (again) this year… so not been up to much).

I’ve just started a fairly major (for me) DIY project that, I have a fantastic new gadget and a couple of other things in mind to post here, so …  let’s start with another book I finished a couple of days ago but have been waiting to post.

Welcome back!