August 8, 2008

Some say the world will end today because it’s the 8th of Aug 2008

Some say it is a good day to start the Olympics (but I’ve decided to boycot the opening ceremony as it is too far away, so I’ll only watch it on TV).

However, 8th of 8th 2008 has reminded me of this long forgotten song from my formative years (1980 in fact)….

It is Hazel O’Connor singing Eighth Day from the movie Breaking Glass (not a very good movie if I remember, right up there with Jubilee in the Post-Punk-apocalyptic-homegrown-British move stakes – or DON’T WATCH!!)

I distinctly remember listening the a 12″ vinyl single version of this over and over, probably with the words ripped out of Smash Hits, ahh the days before internet and mp3s :-)

Have a nice 8th Day!