Books: James Patterson “Along came a spider”

August 1, 2008

James Patterson’sAlong came a spider”  (4/5)

An interesting and gripping crime/thriller novel based (mostly) around the kidnapping of two children.  Two children who, because of their VIP parents are in a very exclusive school and under secret service protection.

The book takes us inside the head of the kidnapper who may be a victim himself or a very clever, cold-hearted manipulator and the mind of Detective Alex Cross (who is also a psychologist – what are the chances) obviously doesn’t let go of the case even when everyone else does.

Gripping is a good word for this book because it really does get in your head.  There are several twists that I certainly didn’t see coming but which don’t break the believability of this story.  I found the pace slightly lagged in the middle stretch of the book (which is perhaps slightly too long) and the while the characterizations was generally good other than the main female character who I found very two dimensional.

I’ve read a few James Paterson books now, and I find them a bit hit-or-miss so I’m not sure I’ll go for one of his again.