Germans at CLAN 2008

I have no idea what they are singing but I like the story behind filming this and making it happen….

Direct Youtube link

The story:  I’m running visuals at CLANkidz (the children’s work at CLAN Gathering in St Andrews 19th-25th July 2008) and had to spec the video equipment we were to bring.  Not too complicated this year as we were happy with what we had last year so 8 26″ CRT video monitors + two projectors set as five separately controlled feeds – I won’t cover how this was all set up as I aim to do that elsewhere when I get a moment.  The point for this story is that the stage wasn’t as big as last year so the band only had one ‘words monitor’ where I had planned two.

So one of the leaders from the Primary 4 tent asked if it would be possible to ‘record some Germans singing a song’ so that the children in that group could learn the song to perform in a talent show in a couple of days time.  OK, I had 4 video cameras available including Alan’s new toy so the easiest way for me to do this would be to record on video then grab it and output the audio track to a CD as each tent had basic PA’s with CD players – bring on the Germans.

So I sit on the grass to give (what I think is a) nice low angle shot with ‘big sky’ in the background and tell them to be as loud as they can.  The whole thing is shot in one take, no rehearsals which is why when they first dance the camera shakes and you can hear me giggle as I really wasn’t expecting that!  OK so doggy camera work aside the footage is shot.  It is at this point that the P4 leader says ‘how are we going to remember the dance moves to show the kids’ as the concept is still just to use the video to capture the audio track.  By the way, all this happened after our evening session as we were tidying and leaving the site…

Within about 20min I have a 26″ TV (which was spare) and DVD player (which was spare) set up, connected to their PA and tested.  Late that evening Alan captures the footage from his camera and one of us tops and tails it, puts together a DVD with a continuous loop, which burns overnight and is ready for the P4s the next  morning.  Now, THAT is why you always take Techs’ with you!  AND as a Tech that is why you always take as much as you can not just what you need, also never assume Germans won’t make you laugh when you don’t expect it :-)

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