Books: Sheba by Jack Higgins

[7 days 4/5]

book coverOne day in 2005 I picked up a copy of The Eagle has Landed by Jack Higgins because it was cheap and the film had been on the week before.  Some time after that I read the sequel The Eagle has Flown and then followed a key character from those two books into the excellent Eye of the Storm which is a fictionalised version the events that lead to the 1991 mortar attack on 10 Downing Street.

Eye of the Storm is an excellent book and introduces the character of Sean Dillon who goes on to appear in another 14 stories.  I’ve read most of these and while they sometimes fall into a bit of a formula, they are always good page turners.

So with my recent failure in choosing good books I picked up a random, slightly tattered second hand Jack Higgins book Sheba that has been on my shelf for a while.  This was obviously a stroke of genius as I’ve ripped through this book in a week (which is quick for me by the way) and it was exactly what I needed.  I wouldn’t say it was a work of perfection or a great literary classic but a good bed time thriller.

That the story involved both Hitler and the biblical Queen of Sheba should be enough to gather interest.  Set just before Germany invades Poland in 1939 the action here is set in Arabia’s Empty Quarter I’m not going to explain this, it just does!  With German Spies, smuggling, gun running, tomb raiding, outlaws, plane crashes, love stories and Bedouins this was a nice little read.

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