Books: Power Play by Joseph Finder

April 2008

Power PlayJoseph Finder


Slow to start crime thriller. Once it did get started this was a good set up and it was difficult to see how the main protagonist could get out of the situation that was set up. So it was an enjoyable read, but the set up involved too many characters who weren’t given any depth, so I didn’t care who in the inner circle may have been the bad guy, so didn’t engage with the ‘who done it’ element.

One Response to Books: Power Play by Joseph Finder

  1. stevenspiegel says:

    Great observations. I’d like to recommend the book I am reading right now. It’s called THE WAR OF ANGELS by DARREN DOWLER. I’m a third through and I must say, the book is AWESOME. Action, adventure, friendship mixed with clever humor and I cannot put it down. I joined this blog to hear comments and reviews and to share a few.


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