Southern Necropolis

I was on a mission to get some photos of angels – carved on gravestones that is.  I’ve been looking for these since last December when I made a video loop for the Carol Service at St Silas using photos of stone carved angels with various solarized effects going on.  Anyway, that was done in a hurry so I had to grab images using google so I wanted to re-do it with my own photos.  I’ve already looked around The Nacropolis near the Glasgow Cathedral, which is close to work and haven’t found any angels at all.

So sunny (but windy) bank holiday Monday I got on my bike with cameras and headed off around Glasgow with only a rough idea of where to go.  The place I had in mind turned out to be the Southern Necropolis. I still couldn’t find any angels I’m wondering if this isn’t a Scottish thing as most of our graveyards are full of celtic crosses which I assume are rare elsewher, perhaps I need to do more research.

However, the sad thing about this place was just how vandelised it has become.

Southern Necropolis - broken headstones

It is harder to see the headstones that are still upright among he toppled and broken ones.  There are still some nice little corners among the destruction, I was puzzled by one extremely modern monument that only had the name ‘Thompson’ on it.  It turns out that this was a replacement (in 2006) marking the grave of Alexander “Greek” Thompson (1817-1875) one of Glasgow’s most famous architects – more about this here.

I also found this young lady with a sad story behind itMore photos here.

The White Lady

2 Responses to Southern Necropolis

  1. grayza says:

    Hi Stephen, Nice photo and perhaps I’m being picky but that angel isn’t good enough :-) I need standing with wings spread but it was a while ago that I went to the Necropolis so I might try again as there is a lower section I don’t think I’ve ever been to. I’ll have a look at the Sighthill Cemetery some time as well.

    Having discovered Southern Necropolis and then that there is a web site for it there is probably a web site listing all of the graveyard’s in Glasgow… not sure I want that information.

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